Developing Life Skills

Our children are on a journey to independence. But to live independently, as adults, we need to teach them vital life skills. They cannot learn life skills out of a book or at school. These are things they learn from their parents and from other vital adults and role models in their lives. To be ready for school involves mastering certain life skills so that they can happily and confidently administer being at school. Our projects play a pivot role in creation sure that the children learn & develop these life skills from an early childhood while they live away from their families in the shelter homes.

Developing Infrastructure

For the most part of the children living in child care institutions do not have access to a hygienic, stable environment which plays a most important role in the health and well-being of children. Providing a child friendly environment enables the children to participation in the social, educational, economical and community activities around them. In our projects we invest in developing and stabilizing the existing infrastructure to provide suitable living conditions for our children.

Vocational Training

For many institutionalized children in India higher education is a luxury that they cannot come up with the money for. Poverty plays a key role in taking away this opportunity from them, most of the times they drop out of schools and take up odd jobs as child labourers to support their family financially. One of the key factors in our development model for children includes providing them with vocational training so that they are able to support their education as well as their family economically.

Changing the ecosystem

The institutions and groups that most immediately and directly impact the child's development including: family, school, religious institutions, neighbourhood, and peers constitute the ecosystem for the child. At Muskaan we are trying to transform the ecosystem for the institutionalized children by mobilizing and sensitizing the community through our various programs & community events.

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